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Esmond Club Lambs is a small club lamb breeding operation located in North Texas, about an hour north of Dallas. It is owned by small animal veterinarian, Kirk Esmond, who has a large North Texas practice with his main emphasis on canine reproduction. Kirk began to build his flock in 2005 and was fueled by the desire to give back to 4-H & FFA programs. Kirk started this as more of a hobby and have continued to gradually add breeding stock from notable breeders such as, Miller, Elliott, and Chabot along the way. Given that the flock and Esmond Club Lambs is smaller than most, the focus has been centered around quality over quantity. Within the past 5 years, ECL’s hard work has finally begun to shine. For example, one of the biggest accomplishments was being the breeder the 2014 Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Ewe at San Antonio and other nice large Texas wins.¬†With new facilities and property, Esmond Club Lambs is actively expanding their flock allowing them to be able to offer more lambs to a larger audience and give back to the organizations that gave Kirk so much while growing up.

Contact Kirk at any time to come by and look for your next winner here!!